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Calendar Fundraiser

Please don't let my drawing be the cover of our fundraising calendar. You can do better than this. We are looking for art submissions to use to create a beautiful calendar full of your artwork (not mine). Please submit artwork in JPEG format to 222mediarelations@222cares.org. Our goal is to have all artwork collected by May 15th. We give you our solemn assurance that your art will be used soley for this purpose and that you will be fully credited for your work. If the work is a physical piece, please consider donating both a JPEG and the piece itself which will be used in an auction following the publication of the calendar.

Thanks for staying Connected and helping out.


Call and stop by or send checks made payable to 222 Cares to the address below.


222 Kelley Road

Glenburn, ME 04401

(207) 852-0946

A fast, easy, way you to serve and support a community that served you.

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Coming Soon

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