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Hey guys, hope everyone is safe in well in these confusing, trying times. Finding things to be active and productive, finding a sense of purpose, has been a challenge with all of the Stay At Home orders. All I can say is to stay positive, stay connected to loved ones and support systems and wait this situation out. It is nothing any of our Veteran members, and often the Families and Support Teams, haven’t experienced before in some way. It is a matter of embracing the uncertainty and rising to the occasion. My personal saving graces have been working to make sure 222 Cares is the best possible organization it can be for all of you and volunteering within my area to help people recover from a couple of recent storms.

As far as 222 Cares is concerned, it has been a fast and furious few days that have seen a great deal of forward momentum. Our Facebook page is off to an incredible start due to the diligence and hard work of our Director of Media and Community Relations, Cat Bastien. We are over 300 likes and followers in under two weeks and the word is spreading. Our Twitter account is up and running for folks to connect with and several other media initiatives are in the works.

The week also saw us being officially recognized by the IRS. That means that any donations are officially tax deductible. We are working on easy ways to take donations on the website and the Facebook page. Right now, all donations are being routed through my PayPal account, which can be donated to using my email, All donors will receive a receipt for their tax filing purposes and will be tracked on our spreadsheet to ensure complete transparency.

In the next month, I am confident that you will see some events and resources popping up. There will be some fundraising efforts taking off and some events added to the website calendar for everyone to look forward to.

We are still extremely excited. We are taking only a brief moment to enjoy our early successes, and then we are right back to working hard to support YOU! Spread the word, encourage family and friends to register for membership at using the registration form on the home page. Contact us with ideas, and get connected and involved.

Stay Connected and Stay Strong!


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