Here We Go!

Wow, what a wild first week. Although this has been in the planning process in my head for a long while, getting it all on paper and filling board positions with the right people has been exciting to say the least.

I am happy to announce that our Board is nearly full, with only the Director of Education and Family Outreach vacant at the moment. The rest of the Board looks like this;

Vice President – Paul Langelier

Secretary – Steve Forrest

Treasurer – Shane Linscott

Director of Assistance and Veteran Outreach – Ray Trombley

Director of Media and Community Relations – Cat Bastien

We have been working through some startup pains to get all the right foundation pieces put together correctly so that we can turn our attention to caring for members. Unlike many traditional Veteran nonprofits, our membership rules are a bit different. We have three independent categories; 1. Veterans, 2. Family and Support Team Members and 3. Community members. All you have to do is need help and support or want to participate in the growth and healing of our members who are directly, or indirectly suffering from PTSD and/or substance abuse. If you are a member, welcome. If you’re not a member, join us. Everyone spread the word so that we can build a robust, active, and caring healing community that stems the tide of suffering and prevents any more needless and heartbreaking loss of life.

Our first board meeting is later today, and I will report back with some information from that session including our approved mission, vision and philosophy, and some thoughts on what the near future will hold. From here forward, we will have monthly meetings, with every third one being live and in person. Our goal in the future will be to make our quarterly in-person board meetings open to those members wishing to listen in or present a matter for Board review. Keep checking our website for calendar updates and a Request for Board Review form.

We are excited and we hope you are too. There will never be enough resources to help Veterans, Families and Communities heal from PTSD and substance abuse. I am a testament to the healing power of community and my personal quest is to make what I have experienced possible for as many people as possible.

Stay Connected and Stay Strong!


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