Creating a Community of Healing through Assistance, Connection and Education.


222 Cares provides assistance, connection and education to Veterans, and their families and support systems, who are suffering through PTSD, addiction or both in order to help the entire community grow and heal.


The vision of 222 cares is to empower Veterans to take personal control and responsibility for their healing from PTSD and/or addiction. To accomplish this, 222 Cares intends to encourage family and community involvement (Connection), to provide top-notch learning and growth opportunities for the Veteran’s whole team (Education) and to directly provide any necessary assistance, or the means of getting it (Assistance), so that Veterans and their team have more knowledge and resources to meet their struggles head on.


Our philosophy is to keep things simple by ensuring the right team has the correct tools to realize success. Creating a unified team of Veteran, family and support system ensures that no one is in the fight alone. Providing the team with the proper education and assistance gives them the tools necessary to win without wasting their valuable resources of time and effort to find them.

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